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National Flag Respect Every Time Every Moment

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Regard National Flag : Every Time Every Moment. On January 26th and August fifteenth what do we see when we venture out? Delightful tricolor paper signals all around. The entire nation is riding on the influxes of patriotism. As a piece of Independence Day and Republic day festivities, Indian natives are utilizing National banners as a part of each corner, intersection, shop and each vehicle. Some gladly set/stuck up on the garments. Somebody Set in autos. While some being taken straight up to the workplace work areas. Seeing the Tricolor fills pride in each heart. At that point comes August sixteenth and January 26th and now what do we see when we venture out? At the end of the day tricolor paper hails all around. Be that as it may, this time the sight fills each heart with regret. The tricolor is found in Garbage. Numerous unceremoniously dump the national banner to the dustbin as a dependable subject, or in the greater part of the cases it is tossed out and about, in the canal. With regards to genuine soul of the Indian Culture we don't dither to tear it after all it's simply the tricolor.

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